The Big Golf Ball in Heatherton, Victoria

The Big Golf Ball

The Big Golf Ball in Heatherton, Australia, is one of the nation’s little-known Big Things. You’ll find it along Centre Dandenong Road, Heatherton, Melbourne, Victoria.  

This massive golf sculpture symbolizes the locals’ passion for golf, one of the most popular sports in the area. The suburb of Heatherton is sparsely populated, which makes it ideal for golfing. 

The big golf ball sculpture standing at the side of the road with the logo "srixon" written on it
The Big Golf Ball in Heatherton, Victoria. (Source: Wikipedia)

Melbourne is home to some famous golf courses in the region. Examples include the Kingston Heath Golf Club and the Capital Golf Club. The golf courses aside, this city is also home to the Karkarook Park, a metropolitan park featuring artificial wetlands and a lake. 

The Big Golf Ball in Heatherton is not the only Big Golf ball in Australia. The love for Big Things, coupled with the passion for golfing, has inspired the construction of these big golf structures across different locations in Australia. 

Other notable golf sculptures that make up the Big Things of Australia include the Big Golf Balls in Broadbeach in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and Stawell, Victoria. 

Victoria is home to some of the most iconic Big Things of Australia. Some notable Big Things in Victoria include the Big Cigar in Churchill, Big Cows in Newhaven, Big Dead Fish in Fish Creek, Giant Koala in Dadswells Bridge. 

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