The Big Galahs In Watson

The story of Big Galahs in Watson will warm your heart. Read on to find out more.
Big Galahs in Watson (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Galahs

Our obsession with the Big Things of Australia takes us to Antill Street, North Watson, Australian Capital Territory, home to the Big Galahs. A sculpture of two huge Galahs standing on a log and seemingly kissing each other captivates the eyes of onlookers. 

Fondly referred to as the Kissing Galahs, the sculpture was unveiled by the then Minister of Arts Joy Burch at The Fair at North Watson. The Fair is a housing community with about 300 houses and apartments, a master plan from the Village Building construction company. 

At the unveiling, the minister encouraged the community dwellers to embrace the sculpture, which, according to two renowned artists, depicts a young family nesting with each other and remaining true to one another. 

The community rests below the bushy Mount Majura, known for its richness in native birds such as the galahs. 

The mountain, which sits within the Canberra Nature Park, is home to many wildlife living within its 39 nature reserves. The park also has beautiful scenery comprising forested hills and lowland grassland. 

Another sculpture of the galah bird sits in Kimba, a rural town in the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. The Big Galah of Kimba stands without company in front of a gem shop along the Eyre Highway.

Birds are well-represented in Australia’s obsession with the Big Things. Some other examples of giant bird sculptures across Australia include:

  • Big Powerful Owl in Belconnen, ACT
  • Big Chook in Moonbi, New South Wales 
  • Big Chook in Mount Vernon, New South Wales
  • Big Kookaburra in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales 
  • Big Swan in Dunedoo, New South Wales
  • Big Cockatoo in Mossman, Queensland
  • Big Pelican in Noosaville, Queensland
  • Big Pelican in Loxton, South Australia 

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