The Big Dead Fish in Fish Creek

the big dead fish is a sculpture of a mullet fish on top of a hotel
The Big Dead Fish in Fish Creek (Source: Postie Notes)

The Big Dead Fish is a six-metre sculpture of a mullet lying on its side atop the Fish Creek Hotel in Fish Creek, a small township in Victoria. This gigantic fish sculpture is also famously referred to as the ‘Big Mullet.’

Brief History of The Big Dead Fish 

The Fish Creek Hotel is one of the oldest in the region. With a rich history dating back as far as 1939, the hotel was a famous spot for locals and tourists in the pre-war era. . 

The gigantic mullet statue is believed to be the work of Venus Bay artist Colin Suget, who was invited to create a sculpture at a Mt Gambier quarry back in 1990. The quarry had produced cutting stone for many years. For this reason, the artists were invited to create a theme of archaeology that resonated with the locals.

Inspired by a mullet that had been discarded and left to die in an abandoned site, Colin crafted this gigantic sculpture with the approval of the hotel owner, Rob Moncur. 

Moncur paid the asking price, including the transport and installation costs, to have the sculpture mounted atop the hotel. 

The Big Dead Fish consists of a steel frame and scales made from aluminium, iron and fibre. 

If you loved reading the story of the Big Dead fish in Fish Creek, you’d be glad to find out that there are plenty of other fish-inspired Big Things of Australia worth checking out. Examples include:

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