The Big Coffee Pot in Deloraine

the big coffee pot is made out of a silo

The Big Coffee Pot in Deloraine (Source: Wikipedia)

The Story of The Big Coffee Pot

The Big Coffee Pot was creatively designed from a grain silo base found four kilometres out of Deloraine town along the Deloraine-Chudleigh road in Tasmania. The creators of this gigantic coffee pot added a spout, lid, and handle to the already existing silo to depict an old coffee pot.

Although the huge coffee pot is located on private property, it is still visible from the roadside. Nearby, there’s a cafe and pottery shop where you can purchase souvenirs made from clay and enjoy a cup of coffee.  

The Big Coffee Pot is believed to be the largest in Australia, although it looks old and rusty. Unfortunately, it’s one of the many Big Things of Australia lying in ruins. 

But, on the brighter side, other Big Things in Tasmania are doing just fine. For example, the Big Penguin is an adored 3.5-metre sculpture of a penguin that wears seasonal outfits to celebrate different occasions. During the breast cancer awareness month of October, you’ll find the Big Penguin in pink attire before transforming into Santa in December.

The Big Platypus is also a Tasmania-based gigantic sculpture and a significant tourist attraction representing the unique egg-laying mammals that live in the rivers of Latrobe. 

Even though Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state, it still hosts many more interesting Big Things. So if you’re planning a trip to Tassie, as it is famously referred to, be sure to add the following must-see attractions to your travel bucket list. 

  • The Big Apple in Spreyton for a taste of fresh fruits and juices.
  • The Big Tasmanian Devil in Mole Creek at the Trowunna Wildlife Park if you love nature and wildlife. 
  • The Big Rock Lobster in Stanley if you love seafood.
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