The Big Coffee Maker in Brunswick

the big coffee maker in Brunswick
The Big Coffee Maker in Brunswick (Source: Postie Notes)

The Story of The Big Coffee Maker

The Big Things of Australia come in different forms, shapes, and sizes, ranging from oversized fruits, furniture, animals, and now a huge coffee maker. The Big Coffee Maker is located outside the Georges Gourmet Coffee Shop on Victoria Street, Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria.

The colossal coffee maker serves two purposes; one as a roadside attraction and the other as a mascot for the coffee business. Although The Big Coffee Maker might instantly stimulate your taste buds if you’re a coffee-lover, the shop doesn’t sell brewed coffee. Instead, it sells roasted coffee beans, both ground or whole.

The business also sells coffee makers, accessories, spare parts, among other coffee brewing products. It’s an outlet of the Georges Gourmet Coffee factory, which offers some of the highest quality coffee beans from across the globe. 

The Big Coffee Maker isn’t the only coffee-themed Big Thing. There’s The Big Coffee Pot found in Deloraine, Tasmania, creatively made out of a silo base. A spout and handle were added to the base of the silo, transforming it into an enormous coffee pot. This oversized coffee pot is believed to be the largest in the country, although it now looks old and rusty, having outlived its glory days.

One thing the two sculptures share in common is that they’re both located near a coffee-related business—The Big Coffee Pot also neighbours a café and a pottery shop that sells souvenirs made out of clay.

Other Popular Big Things in Melbourne 

Victoria is home to several other iconic Big Things of Australia. If you loved reading about The Big Coffee Maker, you’d also love the story of The Big Pheasant in Tynong or The Big Golf Ball in Heatherton.

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