The Big Cockatoo In Mossman

the big cockatoo sculpture with white feathers, a black beak and yellow head
The Big Cockatoo in Mossman, Queensland. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Big Cockatoo

The Big Cockatoo can be found outside the Mossman Hotel and Holiday Villas, formerly named White Cockatoo Resort, far North of Queensland Australia, on the Mossman River. 

Mossman town is situated along the Captain Cook Highway and covered under the Shire of Douglas local government. It has a population of a little under 2000 people, according to the 2016 census. The town is surrounded by the Daintree Rainforest and the Mossman River, creating beautiful scenery for nature and wildlife lovers.

Daintree Rainforest is the oldest rainforest in the world. It consists of many of Australia’s indigenous flora and fauna species, such as the cockatoo bird. You can access the rainforest through Mossman Gorge Center to experience the rich ecotourism of the region.

Along the Captain Cook Highway, you will also find the controversial sculpture of the Big Cook, a sculpture of James Cook, one of the country’s first explorers. The iconic sculpture has been the subject of debate on whether it should be moved or renovated after the hotel it accompanied was demolished long ago. 

Some people also argue that the statue’s hand gesture is disrespectful to the Aboriginal people of the region. You can read more about the Big Captain Cook here.

North Queensland boasts natural beauty and a haven for the Big Things. Here, you will also find the Big Crocodiles, one located in Normanton and another one in Daintree. 

The two famous sculptures depict the remarkable giant salty water reptiles that can grow up to 7 metres tall, making them the largest in the world. 

If you are fascinated by birds, you may also love the story of the Big Cassowary in Mission Beach or the Big Pelican in Noosaville, both of which are also found in Queensland.

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