The Big Church Block Bottle in McLaren Vale

The Big Church Block Bottle
The Big Church Block Bottle in McLaren Vale (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Nicknamed Our Work of Art, the Big Church Block Bottle was a 10-metre high replica bottle of the Wirra Wirra Church Block wine. It was constructed for the official opening of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in March 2010.

It then sat in Melbourne for five days, between the 14th to 19th of March 2010. In April 2010, it was relocated to the Wirra Wirra vineyard in McLaren Vale. 

Construction of the Big Church Block Bottle

The oversized sculpture of a wine bottle consisted of five sectional pieces covered in wire mesh. The mesh was covered with recycled wine corks, individually drilled, threaded, and cable tied around each section of the gigantic bottle. 

Other Wine-Inspired Big Things of Australia

The Big Wine Bottle in Rutherglen is larger than the one that once sat at the Wirra Wirra Winery. This is because the Rutherglen wine bottle once served as the town’s original water tower in the 1990s. Unfortunately, by 1945, it was no longer serving as the town’s water tower, prompting the locals to get a little bit creative about its design.  

Then there’s the Big Wine Bottle sitting at the back of a ute in Daly Waters. You’ll love reading the story of the Daly Waters Historic Pub, the home of this giant replica of a wine bottle. 

In Pokolbin, there’s another massive, real-life replica of a wine bottle sitting at the Hunter Valley Gardens. Interestingly, the neck of this larger-than-life bottle also serves as the chimney for an open fire contained within the bottle.  

Other wine-inspired Big Things of Australia include The Big Wine Cask in Mourquong, New South Wales and The Big Wine Barrel in Hanwood, New South Wales (you’ll love its design).

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