The Big Cherry in Latrobe

The Big Cherry in Latrobe (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Story of The Big Cherry in Latrobe

The Big Cherry isn’t just one, but two oversized cherries located at The Cherry Shed in Latrobe, Tasmania. This pair of bright red six-metre-high cherries is visible from the adjacent Bass Highway.

The Big Cherry served as an attraction for the cafe and gift shop business for over 20 years. From the beginning, the business intended to market cherries produced locally, and as a result, the cafe grew into a favourite stop for many travellers across Australia. 

Visitors enjoyed cherries-based foods and snacks at the cafe, including cherry pancakes, cherry pies, fruits ice creams, cherry sauces, and fruit jams. The gift shop also sold an interesting assortment of cherry-related products and local souvenirs. 

Sadly, The Cherry Shed recently ran out of business. Although the future of the much-loved pair of enormous cherries is still unclear, many travellers and locals alike still stop by for a picture or two. 

Away from the Big Cherry, Latrobe has yet another famous attraction located outside Axeman’s Hall of Fame; The Big Platypus, a sculpture of the unique egg-laying mammal, found in most rivers in Tasmania.

Latrobe is widely known as the ‘Platypus Capital of the World’ due to the high platypus population in the small town. In fact, the town has several designated locations where visitors can be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the shy creature. 

Tasmania is also home to several other Big Things of Australia. Examples include:

And many more.

The Big Cherry aside, cherries are also well represented in other states across the country. Here are some additional examples of other cherry-inspired Big Things of Australia and where to find them: 

  • The Big Cherry in Wyuna, Victoria 
  • The Big Cherries in Young, New South Wales 
  • The Big Cherries in Pages Flat, South Australia
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