The Big Bunch of Bananas in Coffs Harbour

 the Big Bunch of Bananas
The Big Bunch of Bananas in Coffs Harbor (Source: Creative Commons)

Initially located in Sawtell, a coastal village near Coffs Harbour, the Big Bunch of Bananas was relocated to the coastal city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. 

When the Pacific Highway was constructed, the Big Bunch of Bananas lost the attention it once had because most of its traffic was rerouted toward the new highway.

The Big Bunch of Bananas was then moved to its current location, now standing tall above the Cunningham’s Bananas and Tomatoes stall for fresh fruits and vegetables. The bunch’s newly found job is to market the stall’s business and the city’s history of banana farming.

Bananas are the biggest horticulture produce in Australia. Initially, the coastal towns of New South Wales, including Coffs Harbour, used to produce 95% of the country’s bananas. This production level changed around the 1980s when the booming real estate business lured farmers into selling their plantation lands.

Although the coastal city produces fewer bananas than it used to, banana farming is not entirely dead in the region. In fact, by erecting two iconic Big Things in the form of bananas, the city makes it known to the world that it celebrates its banana production heritage. 

Coffs Harbour is also home to the Big Banana that features an amusement park. Built in 1964, the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour is one of the oldest Big Things in Australia and, expectedly, among the most popular. 

The two Big Bananas of Coffs Harbour aside, the state of New South Wales has more massive fruits sculptures to show off. Below are some great examples of Big Things in the form of fruits in this part of Australia. 

Big Avocado in Duranbah

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