The Big Buffalo in Winnellie

Travans Cars and Commercials car yard in Darwin, Winnellie, North Territory Australia, is the Big Buffalo’s current home. The sculpture has had different homes since its creation as a float for a local parade. It was later purchased by a local buffalo trading business to save it from being recycled

The Big Buffalo in Winnellie
The Big Buffalo in Winnellie (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Buffalo

Originally grey, the new owners repainted the sculpture pink to make it more visible, given that the company’s building was also grey. Since the company was dealing in buffalo trading, it purposefully purchased the big buffalo to promote their business.

Due to its pink colour, Winnellie’s Big Buffalo differentiates from the other one of Australia’s big buffalo in Adelaide River, Northern Territory. Sometimes, The Big Buffalo in Winnellie is referred to as the Giant Pink Buffalo.

When the buffalo trading company closed shop, The Big Pink Buffalo was put up for auction, consequently finding its way to the car yard where it currently stays. Originally known as the Big Buffalo, then the Giant Pink Buffalo, the sculpture is now nicknamed Lefty by Darwin locals who noticed that its left testicle was bigger than the one on the right. 

A short History of Buffalos in Australia

Buffalos were first introduced in Australia, particularly Melville Island, Northern Territory, around 1826 for their meat. They were abandoned in the settlements in the 1900s, causing them to move and relocate freely along the Coastal Plains.

By the 1980s, the buffalo population had grown to about 350,000. Many Australians began domesticating the animals again around that time for their meat and hides, which were also exported to Hong Kong. 

Brucellosis and Tuberculosis outbreak threatened to wipe out the buffalo population, but campaigns to eliminate the diseases saved them from extinction. Currently, there are regulations that govern buffalo trading in Australia.

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