Indulge In The Enchanting Delights Of The Big Avocado: A Must-Experience Gem

The Big Avocado
The Big Avocado in Duranbah, NSW. Source: (Creative Commons)

If you are a fan of avocados, we have some good and bad news for you. The good news is there is a giant avocado in Duranbah, New South Wales, Australia. The bad news is the avocado is not edible.

Sounds strange, right? Well, that’s the story of the Big Things of Australia, a set of oversized structures ranging from fruits, vegetables, animals, humans, and anything in between. If you’ve just discovered the Big Things, you would be pleased to find out that this blog provides everything you need to know about these iconic structures in Australia.

Today, we’ll discuss the Big Avocado.

The Big Avocado floats outside the Tropical Fruit World in Duranbah, a small town in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. In 2011, the town had a population of 262 people, according to the national census that was conducted that year.

The Tropical Fruit World has been a popular tourist attraction in the region since 1983. Formerly known as Avocadoland, this famous fruit farm is situated in an environment that sustains more than 500 types of fruits. It boasts rich soil, evergreen landscape, and excellent weather for fruit farming.

Location of the Big Avocado

To find the Big Avocado, you just need to locate Tropical Fruit World and Research Park. The park can be found south from the Gold Coast Airport.

From the airport, drive south on Pacific Highway, and then take the Murwillumbah Exit 40. Off the exit, you will encounter several signs directing you to the park’s entrance.

If you’re travelling north from Ballina or Byron Bay, you’ll have to get on the Pacific Highway, and head north. After passing through the road tunnel, take the first exit on the left-hand side, and then follow the signs leading to Tropical Fruit World.

A closer view of the giant avocado at Tropical Fruit World. Source: (Creative Commons)

Fun things to do at the Big Avocado

If you are planning to visit the Big Avocado just to take photographs of this iconic structure, you will be surprised to discover that there’s so much more to do during your trip to this little paradise. Below are some notable few.

At Tropical Fruit World, there is a café that serves organic, fresh exotic dishes consisting of fruits grown from within the premises. The best part of it is you do not have to pay anything to gain access to the café, which is open every day of the week from 9:30am.

Breakfast starts right after opening and runs until noon. Shortly after noon, lunch is served until 3am. The lunch consists of locally grown salads, wraps, desserts, and so much more! In addition, there are lots of avocado-inspired menus to choose from, including amazing discounts and offers for both families, individuals, and teams!

Another good reason to visit the Big Avocado at Tropical Fruit World is the countless opportunities to learn more about fruit farming. Visitors are welcomed (and encouraged) to take a tour of the 200-acre family farm, which is home to the giant avocado.

The tour itself is not only fun but also educative. Here is a summary of what to expect during the farm tour:

The plantation safari: An adventurous yet educative tour of the farm aboard a tractor train, led by a tour guide.

Wildlife boat cruise: Enjoy the waterways and relax aboard the boat cruise.

Fauna park tour: The Fauna Park offers a rare opportunity to meet different types of farm animals and learn more about them. You will also meet kangaroos and emus at the park.

Fruit tasting session: If you are a fan of avocados, your moment has come. At Tropical Fruit World, you’ll have access to different types of avocado-themed delicacies and other locally grown fruits.

The duration of the tour is approximately 2.5 hours but is worth every step you take at the complex.

Lastly the Tropical Fruit World hosts several events throughout the year designed to educate the public about fruit farming. Examples of these events include World Avocado Weekend, Natural Fruit Tie Dye, and Be A Farmer For The Day.

One thing that makes the Big Avocado stand out is the plethora of activities for visitors at the complex. For avocado lovers, it is a dream come true and for those who aren’t that fond of avocados but love the Big Things, a trip to Duranbah offers the perfect opportunity to witness the magnificence of yet another one of Australia’s oversized structures.

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Map of The Big Avocado

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